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Website Features

We are encouraging all customers with internet access to consider using the new website to place orders. The RSO special worker currently spends a substantial amount of time processing orders that are received via email and/or phone. You will be helping considerably by using the new website to place orders. Most (if not all) of the issues that may have prevented you from ordering online have been addressed.

For those that are ordering on behalf of an area or group, simply take your literature order form, go to the website and place your order. If you currently pay by check, read the section below entitled Ordering by Check for Established Customers.

For customers without internet access or customers that choose to not order online, we will cheerfully continue taking orders via email and/or phone as we have done in the past.

Quicker Streamlined Ordering

Keytags, Medallions, IPs and most frequently ordered products can now be added to the shopping cart from a single page.

Ordering by Check for Established Customers

This can be a very significant feature for customers that have an established account with the RSO and currently pay by check. It will no longer be necessary to email your literature order form or call the RSO to place the order. Simply go the RSO shopping cart and place your order. When you get to the payment options, select pay by check. After placing the order, you can send payment by check as you have done in the past.

Update: Optionally, you can call the RSO and pay for your order by check over the phone.

Keep in mind this will only apply to customers that already have an established account with the RSO. If you are currently placing orders and paying by check, then this option is for you. If you are interested in becoming an established customer, please call the RSO.

Ordering by eCheck

We are in the process of implementing the capability to pay online by eCheck [without being an established customer]. You will enter your checking account number, check number and routing number. The order will be paid immediately. We are SSL compliant. Ensuring all information submitted is encrypted and secure. Credit card or checking account numbers are never saved on the RSO website.

Customer Accounts

You will no longer be required to enter your information every time you shop with the RSO. When placing your first order, you will be able to create an account to include your billing address and shipping information. The next time you visit the RSO, simply login with your email address and password. Credit card information is never saved or stored on the RSO website.

Area Service Committee, Home Group and Organization Accounts (Suggested)

If you purchase literature on behalf of your area, home group or organization please following these suggested steps:

  1. Create an account - click on My Account located on the top right of website
  2. Account Login - enter a generic email address such as
  3. Select - No, I want to create a new account
  4. Click on Login to create your account
  5. Under Company enter the name of your area, home group or organization

This account can then be passed on to future trusted servants. The billing or shipping address can be changed at any time after logging into the account.

If your organization does not have a generic email address, you can create a free email account at various email providers on the internet.

Using a generic email address is suggested. This will help you and the RSO keep a more accurate record of orders and customer information.

However, if you choose not to use a generic email address, it will not be a problem and we will cheerfully continue to process your order without question.

Tax Exempt Accounts

Tax exempt accounts will not be charged sales tax when placing orders on the website. If you are not required to pay sales tax because you are tax exempt, please following the steps above to create an account. Call the RSO and request your account be set to tax exempt.

Secured Transactions

We are now SSL (Secure Socket Layer) compliant. The use of SSL ensures that sensitive information - such as credit card numbers - is submitted via the secure HTTPS protocol - all data exchanged between your browser and the RSO server is encrypted.

Shipping By Weight

We have switched from the system of shipping charges based on the dollar amount to shipping charges based on weight. The shipping charges will now be the actual real-time shipping charged by UPS or USPS based on the weight of the product. Currently, this will apply to online orders only.


We have added the USPS (US Postal Service) as an optional carrier. Both UPS and USPS charges will be shown and you will have the opportunity to select the least expensive. For certain orders USPS shipping charges will be dramatically lower. Example, shipping one medallion via UPS is over $8.00 and via USPS is less than $1.00. For larger shipments, the costs are more competitive.

More Shipping Options

Shipping options such as overnight and 2nd day air have been added. Keep in mind most delivery times in the state of Florida are 1-2 days, so it would not get shipped any faster using overnight, etc.

Processing Fees

All orders placed online will be accessed a 3.5% processing fee. This replaces the shipping and handling fee as shown on the literature order form. Both of these fees (old and new) are used to help the RSO to offset the costs of handling and shipping materials such as boxes, etc. Again, this will apply to orders placed online only.